Fiber Opitic Cables

CABLExpress® has all the trunking and jumpers for your data center fiber optic cabling needs.

We offer both conventional and blown fiber optic cabling solutions to future-proof your data center and advance its efficiency. Fiber is less than half the diameter of copper and weighs up to 66% less, yet maintains greater durability. This makes your infrastructure easier to organize and maintain. Get all the greater bandwidth you need with CABLExpress® fiber optic
Skinny-Trunk® Fiber Trunk Assemblies offer the performance, manageability, flexibility and time savings you need in a fiber optic cable.

  • Industry-leading performance guaranteed through generations of hardware upgrades
  • MTP® connector features the industry’s highest-precision thermoplastic ferrule, designed to lower insertion loss allowing connections to be made while meeting or exceeding loss budgets
  • Ultra-flexible MTP® breakout legs ensuring critical airflow paths are not blocked in cabinets