About Us

The big question is: What can we do for you? You maybe running out of time on a particular implementation or a project. Maybe you are short of technical people or you probably need expert advice. Maybe you need everything-from soup to nuts-a turnkey implementation. Although we haven't figured out how to produce more time (if we only could), we can help you get more productivity out of the time you have, by making available seasoned technical, marketing and service professionals.

Enoch Network Systems delivers IT solutions with speed, consistent quality - and that too in a big way. When you do approach us you would probably need answers ……… answers to tough real world questions (e.g how fast can you deliver the goods). At Enoch Network Systems we don't give commitments across the table. We start by thoroughly understanding your requirement. Then we analyze the process that goes with executing a requirement. We also cross check the delivery schedule before we commit. But once we commit we turn every stone upside down to live up to it. We never bite off more than we can chew.

At Enoch Network Systems it's all about "People Power". Wherever we go we strive to make a difference, bringing you IT solutions for the way the world works. Sometimes that difference may come in the form of faster deliveries, unbelievable pricing, overnight installations, technology experts or even a single engineer who maybe one of only a handful of people around who know how to handle a certain problem.